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Based in Hamburg and Berlin

A creative place

The htk is a trailblazer for creative career paths. Our primary goal is to guide our students into jobs they love. Our professional programs adapt to your needs and desires – whether in Hamburg, Berlin, or online. At htk, talents evolve into professional creatives capable of crafting their own creative future. We thrive for our students, striving to provide them with the best guidance to realise their visions. We are the first step towards exploring the possibilities of this diverse, vibrant world and showcasing each individual’s place within it.

Community. Creativity. Inspiration.

We embrace unconventional thoughts, life stories, and characters – thus, we form a community of creative minds and designers!

Since 1987, as a private vocational school, we provide professional qualifications in communication design, game creation, illustration design, and 3D visual effects & animation. Discover our programmes here to start on your journey with htk academy.

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Interview with our Communication Design graduate Jacob

Game Creation | Showreel

Welcome to the htk academy

Illustration Design | Showreel