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Unlocking excellence worldwide: GUS Germany GmbH, your gateway to dynamic global higher education.

GUS Germany GmbH (GGG) is a dynamic network of world-class higher education institutions with a strong presence in Germany, Europe, and beyond. We are united by a bold vision to cultivate a culture of innovation and excellence in education, empowering our students with the knowledge and skills they need to effect positive change in the world. Our mission is to nurture visionary leaders who are capable of driving meaningful impact for society.

With a thriving student body of over 20,000+ learners across our various institutions, we offer a wide range of academic disciplines, including business, technology, data science, engineering, sports, and the fine arts. Students seeking to enroll in one of our esteemed institutions can choose from a selection of prime locations.

Accreditations & Memberships

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Our Leadership

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Aaron Etingen

Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Global University Systems.
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Sagi Hartov

Chief Executive Officer of GUS Germany GmbH (GGG) based in Berlin.
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Alina Gog

Chief Operating Officer of GUS Germany GmbH (GGG) based in Berlin.
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Timo Lösche

Chief Financial Officer of GUS Germany GmbH (GGG) based in Berlin.

Our Academic Leadership

Academic Partners

The awards of our institutions

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  • ed falcon award india 2024
  • UE top media school badge
  • SOR_berlin school of business and innovation
  • UE awarded n-tv deutscher bildungs award 2023/2024 top private hochschulen

Charta der Vielfalt (The Diversity Charter)

GUS Germany GmbH, across all its educational institutions, thrives on the diversity of its employees and students. All staff and students enjoy protection against discrimination within our organisation. At GGG, our foremost priority is to foster respectful interactions among both our students and staff.
We firmly believe that diversity and equal opportunities define life at a university, strengthen academia, and can only be achieved by transcending boundaries together.

Therefore, we consistently oppose all forms of discrimination based on ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age, or sexual identity. Dialogue, critical reflection, and diversity are essential pillars of our institutions. Both are indispensable in fostering friendships and networks worldwide while creating a safe environment for science, innovation, and creativity. At all our locations, we cultivate a personal atmosphere by individually addressing and actively supporting the unique strengths, life situations, and developmental paths of our students and staff.

GGG is part of the Global University Systems network

Aaron Etingen is the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Global University Systems (GUS). Aaron founded the business in 2003 with one institution and four students, fast forward and today GUS serves more than 100,000 students on its campuses and more than 20 million students online through one of its 30 owned institutions across the globe.

That global network embracing all cultures and continents. GUS Germany GmbH (GGG) and its entitities is part of the Global University Systems network, with its locations in: Europe, USA, Australia, Asia and South America.

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Studying at the top international level

Belonging to the Global University Systems (GUS) furthers our promise to offer degrees at the highest international standard. Semesters abroad, global lectures, cross-border practical projects, and study trips are integral parts of all our programmes. The goal is to nurture intercultural understanding and prepare our students for a career on the international stage.

Global perspectives, local atmosphere

Those who wish to work in the areas of management and enterprise require an understanding of the newest technologies, creativity, and also international experiences in addition to an entrepreneurial spirit. We offer the chance to benefit from international exchange and to immerse fully in the everyday life of a new cultural surrounding. The result is a multicultural, career-oriented study programme. Students decide for themselves where to live and study for half a year or longer.