Gus Germany GmbH becomes a member of the Diversity Charter Initiative

Gus Germany GmbH (GGG) joins the Diversity Charter Initiative, emphasizing its commitment to diversity and inclusion within the academic realm and beyond. GGG places great importance on diversity and inclusion across its various domains: teaching, academia, and administration.

Sagi Hartov, CEO of Gus Germany GmbH, now holds this recognition in the form of a certificate: “We have a vibrant community across all our campuses in Germany and have already implemented many projects in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. I am grateful to our students and staff for this and am pleased that through the Diversity Charter, we can now provide an expanded framework for these numerous initiatives. We host students and staff from over 100 nations worldwide across all our campuses, making diversity and inclusion a part of our everyday life. We all actively engage in the values of the charter and work hard to contribute to the creation of an open and respectful corporate culture,” Hartov explains further.

The “Charta der Vielfalt” with its total of 5,000 signatories is an initiative aimed at promoting diversity in companies and institutions. By signing the charter, organizations commit to creating a discrimination-free work environment and promoting diversity among their members. This includes aspects such as gender, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation, and physical abilities.

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