UE collaborates with LUAP for Pink Bear Pavilion

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences collaborates with British artist LUAP for the Pink Bear pavilion at the cultural fair Altonale in Hamburg

The recently concluded cultural fair, Altonale 2024, saw a remarkable artistic feat with the unveiling of the Pink Bear Pavilion, a groundbreaking installation crafted by British artist LUAP (Paul Robinson) in collaboration with the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. This towering four-metre-tall sculpture, shaped like a bear’s head, offered visitors a unique immersive experience, making it one of the highlights of the event.

The Pink Bear Pavilion, the largest sculpture to date by LUAP, captivated audiences from May 30 to June 9 at the Altonaler Balkon. This installation marked a significant milestone in LUAP’s career, paying homage to his recurring motif of a pink bear while providing a window into his childhood memories. Inside the sculpture, visitors were transported into LUAP’s world, surrounded by artworks that echoed themes of childhood wonder and youthful perspective.

This innovative project was not only an artistic marvel but also an environmental statement. In collaboration with Nagami, CH2O, and Exarchitects, the pavilion’s surface was crafted from 2500kg of recycled plastic using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. This sustainable approach highlighted the importance of environmental awareness, making the pavilion a symbol of eco-friendly art.

Inside the bear’s head, the pavilion served as a dynamic canvas showcasing the works of LUAP and students from the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. These projects reflected the ethos of the Pink Bear, emphasizing inclusion, diversity, and the celebration of human connections. Visitors found themselves engaging with art that promoted mental well-being, environmental consciousness, and interpersonal relationships.

The Pink Bear Pavilion at Altonale 2024 was not just an art installation but a communal space where people could connect, reflect, and celebrate diversity. LUAP’s creation, initially conceived as a personal sanctuary, evolved into a universal symbol of comfort and inclusion, resonating deeply with all who stepped inside.

Among the many highlights within the Pink Bear Pavilion at Altonale 2024, the featured projects by University of Europe for Applied Sciences students stood out, emphasizing themes of inclusion and diversity.

One notable project was “Sinnentaumel” by UE alumna Fenja Rebell. This innovative work explored the perception of colors and sensory experiences, specifically focusing on making these accessible to children with visual impairments. Rebell’s project demonstrated a thoughtful approach to inclusivity, inviting all visitors to consider how art can be made more accessible to everyone.

Additionally, UE graduate Leslie Vogt showcased her powerful project, “STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH OUR LIVES.” This multimedia awareness campaign effectively combined illustration, gaming, and fashion to communicate vital messages about social issues. Vogt’s work highlighted the importance of using diverse media to reach and resonate with a wide audience, reinforcing the Pavilion’s overarching themes of inclusion and diversity.

Together, these projects within the Pink Bear Pavilion not only celebrated the creativity and innovation of UE students but also underscored the Pavilion’s mission to promote a more inclusive and diverse artistic community.

LUAP Pink Bear Scholarships

n a remarkable extension of the Pink Bear Pavilion project at Altonale 2024, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) has announced the introduction of 17 ‘LUAP Pink Bear Scholarships’. These scholarships, named in honor of the pavilion’s creator, British artist LUAP (Paul Robinson), aim to support and nurture emerging talents in the field of contemporary art.

This initiative underscores UE’s commitment to fostering artistic innovation and providing students with unique opportunities to excel. Detailed information about the scholarships will be released soon on the university’s official channels.

The Pink Bear Pavilion, a prominent feature of this year’s Altonale Festival, will be on display for two weeks. After its tenure at the festival, the installation will be relocated to the UE Berlin campus, where it will continue to inspire students and visitors alike.

Adding to the excitement, UE students will have a rare opportunity to participate in a workshop with LUAP in September. This workshop will provide an invaluable chance for students to learn directly from the artist, gaining insights into his creative process and exploring the themes central to his work.

The LUAP Pink Bear Scholarships and the accompanying workshop exemplify UE’s dedication to creating enriching educational experiences, fostering creativity, and promoting inclusivity within the art community. Find out more here.

The Pink Bear Gallery

Experience the journey of the Pink Bear Pavilion through these images, you can check out photos of the construction, detailed shots of the 3D printing process, and images of the final pavilion.


We are beyond excited to announce that the PinkBearPavilion is finally up and running at the altonale cultural fair in Hamburg! This incredible project has been more than 2 years in the making, and we are overjoyed to see it come to life thanks to the amazing collaboration with UK based artist LUAP and the talented nagami design team from Spain. uegermany #fyp #art #students

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